Yearly Band Costs

Participation in the bands does have costs: not all of the costs occur each year as you may have the items that you can use year over year.

  1. Band Shirt: $20.00; may be a one time cost depending on growth.

  2. Band Shoes: $20.00; may be a one time cost depending on growth.

  3. Band Music costs: $10.00/group; our bands are co-curricular groups and these funds are applied to the costs of music for each of the groups

  4. MusicFest Shirt: $12.00; we have a specific shirt that we wear for when we host MusicFest Canada, may be a one time cost depending on growth.

  5. Marching Band costs: $85.00; applied only to members of the Marching Band to help cover the costs of transportation and any accommodations needed for the band. It does not cover the cost of any meals on days of the parade.

  6. MusicFest Pictures: $15.00 per picture ordered.

Please take full advantage of our fundraising, as there is every possibility of paying for these items that way.

NOTE: For students on the larger band trip, these costs are applied (as needed) via the benchmark payment system. In this way, the costs may be fundraised, and it also means we donít have to keep coming back to you for the individual costs. For those not on the band trip, the items will need to be paid for as they come up.