Dear Parents,

As we’re sure you’re aware, we have a very full and active year musical year! There’s a lot of different groups and many many rehearsals and performances to plan and coordinate.

In particular, this year has seen a strong increase in the number of students participating in our co-curricular bands. We’re thrilled to see this participation, but at the same time it is somewhat overwhelming dealing with so many eager students. In this light, we could really use the help of someone (or several someones!) who could assist in a volunteer secretarial role to assist in keeping on top of many logistical elements of keeping these bands up and running in the best possible manner.

Ideally, this person would be able to volunteer for a couple of hours in either the morning or afternoon on a day of your choosing. As to what that schedule is, we’re adaptable (we’ll take what help we can get!). The only thing we ask is that your kind help be a scheduled event week to week, so that we can count on you, and you can count on us.

If you can volunteer this time, please speak to Aaron Bell as soon as possible. We really appreciate your consideration, and we’re thrilled to have your help keeping one of the largest music programs in Ontario running smoothly!