Each year in C.C.I. Music we plan a major performance trip with all of our groups. These trips have been both nationally (Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver), as well as internationally (United States, Germany, Japan). For our 2016/2017 school year trip we will be travelling to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Chicago, IL 2017

Orlando, FL 2016

Japan 2015

New York City, NY USA 2015

Whistler, BC 2014

Chicago, IL 2013
Chicago 2013 Pictures

Orlando, FL 2012

Vancouver, BC 2011
Vancouver 2011 Pictures

New York City, NY USA 2010
New York City 2010 Pictures

Toronto, ON 2009
Toronto 2009 Pictures

Orlando, FL 2008
Orlando 2008 Pictures

New York City, NY USA 2007
New York City 2007 Pictures

Chicago, IL 2006
Chicago 2006 Pictures

Orlando, FL 2005
Orlando 2005 Pictures

Japan 2004
Japan 2005 Pictures

Boston, MA<2004
Boston 2004 Pictures!