For Parents

It's More Than Just The Music!

Dear Parents,

Learning to play an instrument or learning to sing is such a wonderful gift for your son or daughter. We want you to know though, that there is more to what we are trying to do on behalf of your son or daughter than “just” learn to play an instrument or learn how to sing.

It’s about helping your son or daughter learn about self-discipline and long-range planning, developing the patience and tenacity to work on musical selections for an extended period of time. It’s about helping them with goal setting skills, and setting a personal standard of performance that sets a very high bar…and then achieving or even surpassing that high standard. It’s about helping your son or daughter understand about team-work and dedication, and learning that good old-fashioned hard work reaps wonderful rewards. And it’s about building great friendships that often carry on years after they leave high school.

Yes, we “teach music”. But we want you to know that what we teach your son or daughter “through” music are also lessons that are so very important; lessons that will build a certain strength of character in your son or daughter that will serve them well throughout their years in high school and beyond.

We look forward to having your son or daughter in music at C.C.I.!