2018 Trip FAQ

We're having to be very careful with our personal finances right now, and we're not much into fundraising. What do we do?

At this point, you'll need to make a decision. Again, we provide the fundraising to make it fully possible for all those who want to participate in the trip to raise the necessary funds. The key here is the willingness of each family or student to participate in this fundraising.

Trips are made in a series of payments, or what we call “benchmarks”. Typically, there are 3 or 4 payments, spread across the balance of the school year.

  1. The initial down payment of $250.00 is get you started on your trip cost. This amount is fully refundable up to the last school day in December. After that, it is fully NOT refundable, as we start putting down real dollars on real costs that are not recoverable.

  2. The 1st benchmark is typically in November, and is typically about the ½ way mark of total trip costs. For example, let’s say this benchmark is at the $500 level. We total all amounts in (deposit and fundraising to date, and see how close you are to the benchmark level. If you’re below, then you’ll need to “top up” to get to the benchmark. If you’re above (good fundraising!), then you need to bring in nothing!

  3. We do this same process again with the 2nd benchmark, typically at the ¾ cost level of the total trip cost.

  4. We do this same process again with the final payment.

NOTE: Within the benchmark system there are also deductions from fundraising that come in to play. These are costs associated with various aspects of the musical year.

These cost deductions may include the following items as needed:

  1. Band Shirt: $20.00

  2. Band Shoes: $20.00

  3. Band Music costs: $10.00/group

  4. MusicFest Canada participation costs: $10.00

  5. MusicFest Shirt: $12.00

  6. Marching Band costs: $85.00

  7. Tickets to Christmas Concert: $10.00 each ($5.00 from each ticket goes directly to your fundraising.)

  8. Tickets to Spring (final) Concert: $10.00 each (Music fundraiser only.)

We put these costs into the plus/minus of the benchmark calculations so that you have the opportunity to fundraise these costs, and so that we do not have to keep coming back to you for cheques. If you are not on the band trip, then these items will need to be paid for as they occur.

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